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Our historic hotel and restaurant are nationally recognized for our excellence in hospitality. Our teams work hard (and play hard!) while honoring our core values: hospitality, community, excellence, respect, integrity, and authenticity. Through collective success, experienced leadership, progressive practices, and a focus on employee wellness, The Charmant is leading by example to create a better community for us all.

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AM Cook
PM Cook
Server Assistant
PM Server
Room Attendant
Front Desk Ambassador

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  • “I have learned and grown so much since I began working here (The Charmant). The Charmant has given me the opportunity to expand my experience and move up in my role. I have also met a lot of great friends.”

  • “I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. With over five years in the service industry, there has been a good amount of turnover but the culture and general magic feeling the Charmant has was fostered by the people they hired.”

  • “I felt that the 5 years I was at The Charmant Hotel were the most impactful thus far. I was given many opportunities to grow as a leader and an individual. My management team always saw opportunities to teach me and empower me. This gave me the confidence to grow and to take the next steps. I never pictured myself at the experience level I am at today. “

  • “The best thing about the Charmant was the friendships that I made and the comradery. Still to this day I am friends with everyone that I have worked with.”

  • “There is nothing else like The Charmant. The history of the building is a great thing to be a part of, and the community built around Charmant is one like no other. You will be trained at a level of hospitality that is sought after universally and will set you up for success anywhere you go.”

  • “The Charmant made me feel empowered to make changes and decisions which enables me to do the best for my team.”

  • “I have never had management experience, but the Charmant saw my potential and trusted me to take on a manager role. My knowledge has grown immensely. I have a completely different outlook on business and a greater understanding of the bigger picture.”

  • “The employees were the best part of the Charmant. There was a strong level of understanding and work ethic.”